Services and benefits we offer

In business for 43 years since we started in 1969, 129 years of combine knowledge between the brothers

If you have ever been told “it can not be done” then you have not called Mast Brothers Towing

24 hour towing and recovery with direct contact with dispatchers in our company ( we do not have answering services or message machines)

We have towing locations in 6 towns and from each town we can cover a 30 mile radius and usually have a truck on scene within 30 minutes

We cover 125 miles along the Oregon coasts Hwy 101. thats between our shops, from hwy 101 we extend our coverage in towards the I5 corridor another 25 miles that’s an area of a little over 3000 sq miles that we can cover with a 3o minute response time on arrival. we will be happy to go where ever we are needed however will need additional time outside the coverage area.

Difficult recoveries for all sizes and shapes of vehicles, inc equipment

We also can move and relocate storage containers, sheds boats and trailers with broken axles or frames etc

Our specialty is large and or difficult recoveries cliffs, rivers and oceans, beaches, sand dunes, mountains, mud, snow

Specializing in motor homes, large commercial trucks of any type

4×4 tow trucks for off road calls or recoveries mud, sand, snow, “there is nothing we cant get it out”

We offer “roll back flat beds” for cars that require it as well as those that do not, its our first choice of transporting your vehicle

Large air cushion bags with for uprighting loaded freight trucks and trailers to minimize unloading products and reduce damages to your truck and trailer

Landoll slide axle drop deck for Motor homes, equipment transporting or containers and unique items to move

lock outs

jump starts

tire changes

road services